divendres, 29 de maig de 2015

Premiere(s): 0'1234 (Full Evening)

Daphne van Dooren, Emmanuel Dobby, Maya Gómez and Miquel G. Font

29 - 5 - 2015: L'Estruch de Sabadell, Barcelona
30 and 31 -5-2015: Teatre Principal d'Arenys de Mar, Barcelona
6 and 7 -6- 2015: Alte Rumfabrik, Basel, Switzerland

dissabte, 28 de març de 2015

Hamburg - Darmstadt Tournée

Last weekend march 2015:
28th -3- 2015: W3-Werkstatt Für Internationale Kultur und Politik, Hamburg, Germany
29th -3- 2015: West Side Theater, Darmstadt, Germany

dilluns, 16 de març de 2015

Prize for Daphne van Dooren in Solo-Tanz-Teater Stuttgart

After a beautiful weekend in Stuttgart, participating in the Solo-Tanz-Theater Stuttgart Competition, we leave with new connections to the dance world, dancers, programmers and choreogrpahers that for sure will connect us again. But the best is the New Pirize we got. This time it went to Daphne van Doore, who played her part in "0'123...(Triple bill)", and won this good prize. Our dear Daphne: CONGRATULATIONS!

dissabte, 10 de gener de 2015

diumenge, 30 de novembre de 2014

The Red Purse in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Dance Week 2014
Daphne van Dooren and Emmanuel Dobby
Photographer: Inbal Cohen-Hamo

diumenge, 5 d’octubre de 2014

Dobble Prize in Sabadell, Barcelona

This weekend Habemus Corpus came back home exactly 4 years after being born in Barcelona. The surprise has been to win a two prizes at the International Choreographic Competition in Sabadell.
Habemus Corpus has now the 1st prize, that includes a residecy program to create in L'Estruch, Sabadell and the Prize of the Audience, that means that people felt connected to what they saw on stage.
We just want to say one thing: THANK YOU.